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Contractor Listing

Esmeralda County

A General engineering
B General building
AB General building and general engineering
C-1 Plumbing and heating contracting
C-2 Electrical contracting
C-3 Carpentry, maintenance and minor repairs
C-4 Painting and decorating
C-5 Concrete contracting
C-6 Erecting signs
C-7 Elevation and conveyance
C-8 Glass and glazing contracting
C-9 Movement of buildings
C-10 Landscape contracting
C-11 Spraying mixtures containing cement
C-13 Using sheet metal
C-14 Steel reinforcing and erection
C-15 Roofing and siding
C-16 Finishing floors
C-17 Lathing and plastering
C-18 Masonry
C-19 Installing terrazzo and marble
C-20 Tiling
C-21 Refrigeration and air-conditioning
C-23 Drilling wells and installing pumps, pressure tanks and storage tanks
C-24 Erecting scaffolds and bleachers
C-25 Fencing and equipping playgrounds
C-26 Institutional contracting
C-27 Individual sewerage
C-28 Fabricating tanks
C-30 Installing equipment to treat water
C-31 Wrecking
C-33 Installing industrial machinery
C-36 Installing urethane
C-37 Solar contracting
C-38 Installing equipment used with liquefied petroleum and natural gas
C-39 Installing heaters
C-41 Fire protection contracting
C-42 Constructing, altering or improving video service networks